Many, Many Thanks to the Tire Temp GloveTM  Innovation, Development & Track Test Team
Fresnel Technologies, Inc (FTI), assignee
Nelson E. Claytor, PhD  - Co-inventor,  Programmer, Driver, President @ FTI

Denise Lynn Merkle, PhD - Co-inventor, Program Manager, President @ SciConsult, Inc
Margaret R. Fraelich, PhD  - Programmer, Designer, Guru @ FTI
Nicola Cappelletti  - DriveR, Engineer @ FTI
AJ Peterson - Advisor,   Professional Race Tech/Engineer
Feuer Racing  - Driver
Jason Hart Racing - Driver
Topp Racing Performance, LLC - Professional Race Tech,  Car Set-Up, Advisor
Genius House Media  -Videographers 
Connie M. Hendrickson, PhD  - On-site data Aquisition support, Ar'kon Consultants
SW Merkle-Claytor - Track Test Day Catering, College Student in Voice 

Streamline suspension set-ups

& Tire pressure settings 

Photo by Genius House Media

WHY TTG(tm)?

Patented technology designed by motorsports enthusiasts is offered for sale or licensing. 

Prototypes are in beta-testing.  

Motorheads who were tired of using precious time for single-probe pyrometers developed TireTempGlove(tm) to streamline tire temperature measurements.  In seconds, simultaneously measure three (or more!) temps across a tire - and toggle among tires by clicking the finger-tip switches.  USB and bluetooth compatible.